How we do it Coherent project management

For more consistency in your operations, we will also approach the IT project itself in a way that is as coherent as possible. In four clear steps, we only construct what you really need, what fits in with your business strategy and what will be used by your employees and customers for a better cooperation.

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Strategy and planning

In the first phase, we determine the broad lines with our QuickScan: what do you need, where do you want to go, will we do the project in one go or do we split it up into manageable phases. After a number of workshops, we come to a strategic IT plan: choosing the technology, objectives, architecture, timing, phasing and an estimation of the budget.

In doing so, we promise you an IT investment in line with your business objectives; an investment that is future-proof. Because we have a very practical approach, you will discussed IT as a means for growth and other business objectives. 


During this phase, we will examine the practical approach in detail. We will describe the requirements and the solution from a user perspective, we will design the screens, assess the user-friendliness and establish the data structure and integration. We will also determine what needs to be carried out by your employees and ours in order to arrive at a project plan and the detailed quote.

By fully describing what we are constructing first, for example by making prototypes, the construction itself will be very quick and efficient. You can be sure that the project will be completed without surprises.


We guarantee quality through structured project management. You will have the product that we discussed within the set time and budget. Our implementation also includes testing and evaluation in order to make adjustments until we have the right solution ready for you. 

The product is tested with care according to extensive scenarios and by a separate team. This ensures that there are far fewer problems after completion. When we are finished, you have validated the project and the training courses have gone smoothly, your organisation will be ready to start using the product immediately.


Upon commissioning, the solution will be transferred to your organisation and the Orbit One Service Desk. We provide custom support with three types of support contracts at a predetermined price.

We manage the operational performance of your systems. Everything is included in the set price. For this fee, we not only support the infrastructure on which your applications run, but we also ensure that the knowledge about your systems is maintained. This simplifies new plans and expansions.