Grab your chance to work for us and make a difference. We're always looking for new talent.

Application process 3 clear steps

A first step in the application process is receiving your CV and cover letter, preferably by e-mail. 

If we think that you are a suitable candidate for the vacancy, we will invite you for an initial interview.


The initial interview - getting to know each other

This is a meeting with the HR manager. During this initial interview, the objective is to get to know each other. We will go through your CV and explore your knowledge and experience. What dreams do you want to achieve, what do your colleagues think about you? What really matters for your decision.

The idea is to get a general impression. For our part, we try to give you a complete image of Orbit One and the team that you will work with. We will discuss the position and all of its facets in more detail.

Of course you will have the opportunity to ask questions

The second interview - technical

If both parties are still interested after the first interview, then we will set up a second interview. This interview will be conducted by your direct team lead. It will assess your technical knowledge and experience.

You can ask any questions you might have about our projects and vision, as well as your practical tasks.


Test day

Prior to this step, we will ask you to take a short personality test online. On the trial day itself, you will get the opportunity to prove yourself in a practical task/case. 

At the same time, you can get a taste of the atmosphere within Orbit One and your prospective team. We will get to know you and vice versa. You will be given the opportunity to speak with the managing director and ask additional questions, about the company, the customs or the position. 

If you successfully complete your test day, you can expect a concrete job offer from us.

Of course it's possible to plan the interviews after working hours. 

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Working at Orbit One
Transparent Career

We offer an attractive salary with benefits and transparent opportunities for development.

“I love the fact that I can clearly see what I can achieve at Orbit One. I worked for another IT company for 3 years, and they still don't have that there. Orbit One offers me an opportunity to prove myself, by giving me opportunities, confidence and responsibility."

Learning Credits

At Orbit One, we encourage you to use your knowledge and skills. We love challenges at every level and in the different fields. It keeps us on our toes and ensures that you are always one step ahead.

You can use your learning credits (between € 3,000 and € 7,500 per year) for technical events, workshops, exams, soft skills, language courses, etc.

“Probably one of the most important ones for me: I use my learning credits to obtain my Microsoft certificates, and to attend events and expert-classes.”

The New World Of Work

We implement the teachings of the New World Of Work by using flexible working hours, working from home, Lync video conferences, etc.

Our daily communication with our colleagues in Poland is also independent of time and space.

Our open, informal and transparent culture is typical of Orbit One. We do not try to take ourselves too seriously. What we do take seriously is customer satisfaction

Love Technology

We always invest in new technologies. Every project is an opportunity to use the latest versions from the Microsoft stack. This allows you to boost your skills in new areas, become a better developer / IT Pro, be up-to-date and never get bored at work.

“I really enjoy the fact that Orbit One always decides to switch to the latest version of existing libraries.”


Working at Orbit One is about more than just working. It is about making friends, eating and drinking together and having fun. We form a team, so we don’t do outsourcing.

Take a break by the kicker, on the Xbox or in the coffee corner. You can also enjoy the free food, fruit, soft drinks and Nespresso coffee. Our daily team lunch is a good time to catch up with your colleagues.

Modern Office and Tools

A state-of-the-art working environment, a modern open-space office and premium quality hardware: Herman-Miller desk chairs, air-conditioning, fast laptops with SSD, etc.

Look at the photos from Ghent and Katowice.

“Some companies have a tendency to save costs in this area, but not Orbit One, they offer the highest quality office equipment, hardware, etc. This ensures a better productivity.”

Spontaneous applications

Can't find a vacancy that matches your profile? Don't worry, Orbit One is always looking for talent.

Please send your spontaneous application with CV to