What we buildSoftware solutions

Orbit One improves the communication and information exchange between colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Self-Service Your customers do their own administration

Many of your customers like to process their own purchases, contact details, agreements and other administrative matters. You can simplify your operation by allowing them to manage those details themselves, online and in a user-friendly way.


Reduced costs, increased satisfaction

You will save on your administration and the quality of your data will be higher, because the customer bears the responsibility. This means that you work in a more modern way and your customer satisfaction will increase because the required data can be checked at any time, without losing time, and changes can be made if necessary.


Practical information

We usually carry out these projects based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with links to your ERP, and any other systems and databases. Customers can access the data that they are authorised to consult or edit through a secured portal site or mobile app, without additional passwords.

For routine tasks and more

Self-service for customers, partners, members and suppliers is useful for repetitive tasks with a certain volume, such as:

  • your customers or members will keep their own contact details up-to-date
  • your suppliers will report their achievements, possibly linked with billing (self-billing)
  • customers can track the status of projects, budgets, files, applications and complaints online
  • customers can sign contracts and reports online
  • any orders are automatically placed in your ERP or another order processing system
  • partners can consult reports containing the actual sales and their commission on these
Customer and member mgmt No more duplication and double work

When your customers’ data and that of other contacts is stored in various locations or by department, you will often have conflicting information, like two home addresses or two customer numbers for one person or one company.

Files that are linked to this duplicate customer information do not come together as a whole. This not only results in a loss of time, it also causes operational risks.

Stop duplication of work

By storing all of your files and contact details in a standard format, everyone has full and up-to-date information on your customers, members and other contacts. All actions end up in one system and you only have to do things once. In this way, you avoid duplication of work, duplication of efforts, errors and loss of time.

Your own CRM system

We use Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM without exception, a software that contains all the basic options and in which changes can quickly be applied, even by you. The software also contains standard features for validation, automatic follow-up and other workflows.

Practical information

We prefer to link Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the software from Microsoft Office 365, so that your customer data can go through business processes and software coherently. Thanks to CRM and Office 365, you can consult this data anywhere, including on tablets and smartphones. If it is relevant to you, in the next phase we will make these systems available online for self-service in order to further reduce your administrative costs.

Information and knowledge mgmt Faster and better collaboration

Faster and better cooperation

Everyone likes to edit and save information in their own way.  If you allow too much freedom to do this, the cooperation deteriorates and you will lose expertise. You want to avoid that, because knowledge management is essential in a knowledge economy. We will help you to switch to a structured process with a central knowledge and document system.

Make your information into knowledge

You will start to cooperate on documents differently and in a more direct manner, and you will ensure that there is only one version of any document in circulation. By organising your information differently and making it easier to find, you turn it into shared, accessible knowledge.

Internal and external use

In this way, your own employees are given access to your organisation’s full expertise. It also makes it easier for you to share information outside of your organisation, with project groups, customers or the members of your association for example. We ensure that you can decide with one click who can see the information, possibly on your public website.

Practical information

From Microsoft Office 365, we will use SharePoint and the lesser known OneNote. This allows you to <consult your information from any location>. We like to place a lot of emphasis on workshops. They serve to make your employees and external parties cooperate more effectively on documents by:

  • improving the structure of your internal processes
  • classifying documents in a different way, so that other people can easily find them
  • working with rights management and document security
  • improving the way that you make notes during meetings
  • working out alternatives for sharing documents via e-mail
  • completely avoiding duplicates
Work from anywhere Always connected with your team and information

Would you want working at the office or elsewhere to be completely the same and equally efficient for your employees? Maybe that is even necessary in order to improve the satisfaction of your customers or employees, or maybe it has already become essential to keep finding customers and employees, so that you do not have to worry about your future.

Just keep working

Ensuring that everyone can just work from their desks, elsewhere in the office, from home or anywhere in the world is now possible with standard solutions. It is not even necessary, but still useful, to be permanently connected to the internet. Your entire company will continue to work efficiently and as one team.

Practical information

We supplement the standard options of Microsoft Office 365, including Outlook for e-mail and Lync for all other, faster communication, with Windows Server DirectAccess and Active Directory Federation Services. These offer single sign-on, meaning that your employees do not need to use additional passwords and everything still stays just as secure. We also provide a secured, stable wireless network and guide the migration of your data to the cloud.

For PC, tablet, smartphone

In this way, everyone can access the business software and all company documents from anywhere. Phone calls, remote meetings, chatting with colleagues and being connected to your meeting room by video link are all possible as standard. What’s more, your employees can do this on their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Free software tools

In order to encourage our projects to progress quicker, we develop our own tools and small add-ons, such as for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Lync or SharePoint. We also regularly use open source software in our projects and that is why we are happy to make a number of these software tools available to you for free.